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Five Reasons To Choose DOT Express for the DOT Medical Exam

When deciding where to go take your DOT Physical, you will find that there are quite a few places that offer this service. However, not all DOT certified examiners are alike. Here are five reasons to choose DOT Express for your next CDL Physical Exam:

1. DOT Express has your back. We make sure that you are settled in to get your blood pressure where it needs to be, and understand that some people are nervous when taking a physical exam. This can elevate the blood pressure and cause a higher reading. Our medical examiners make sure to give you the time to relax and get an accurate blood pressure reading.

2. We care about your health. In many places, if there is an abnormal reading, the practitioner may outright fail you, or hand out a onetime three-month medical certificate. At DOT Express, we investigate the cause of an abnormal reading, and offer solutions. DOT Express has a well-equipped laboratory that can investigate some of the reasons why a urine test was abnormal, blood pressure was too high, or other issues that may arise during the physical exam.

3. Location. DOT Express is located a mile away from the only CDL DMV in Las Vegas (the whole Clark County actually!). You can simply get your DOT Exam and drive down the road to finish all your CDL needs.

4. DOT Medical card. When your DOT Exam is complete, we provide the certificate on the spot, and also hand you a wallet sized DOT medical card that is easy to store.

5. No more waiting. DOT Express honors the appointment window. We don’t double book, and we always have the staff on hand to see our clients. Walk-ins are always welcome and we are always honest about our wait times for those who don’t make appointments.

DOT Express has low wait times, cares about our clients, and is 100% committed to providing an in depth DOT Physical Exam that will get you on the road!


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