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About DOT Express Las Vegas Clinic

Who We Are

DOT Express Las Vegas was founded December, 2021. We are a family owned and operated local DOT medical clinic . Our philosophy is that quality care comes before all else. We believe in providing quality medical service and dedicating ourselves to our patients first. To always treat our staff and patients with respect because they are our business partners. All peoples should be welcomed and treated equally. We don’t have to treat people like numbers to make a successful clinic. We may be dreamers, but we're hoping that we're not the only ones.

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Our mission is to create a local Las Vegas DOT clinic. A clinic that is completely dedicated to quality and fast medical services. We will encompass all your DOT medical needs. Our team of medical experts are trained to focus on patient comfort and care. DOT Express is always looking for new ways to improve our CDL medical services. We are constantly learning new modern medical techniques and practices. This assures our patients are getting the utmost quality. 

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DOT Express has the goal of making it extremely easy and fast for anyone to get their DOT needs met in Las Vegas. We aspire to be Las Vegas’s premier DOT clinic. When you think of DOT we want you to think of DOT Express Las Vegas. Our hope is to grow with our local community. We are the DOT medical specialists you’ve been waiting for. 

Our Specialty is DOT Physicals

To know more about DOT Physicals we've made it easy for you to learn more. Below is a step by step guide showing patients and employers what a DOT physical encompasses. 


• The patient will be filling out a medical history questionnaire form  (DOT 5875). The medical examiner will then review and make any comments if needed. It is best that you answer honestly, as these questions are not looking to disqualify you. They are used to inform the medical examiner of any areas which may need further clarification.

• The patient will need to provide a urine sample. This is NOT a drug test. It is a screening for kidney or metabolic disorders (such as diabetes). Even if there are abnormalities, it does not disqualify a patient. But further testing may be needed.

• Vision test. The patient's vision will be tested either with or without glasses, depending if you need them to drive. The patient will read off a chart that is 20ft away. 

• Blood pressure is a very important aspect of an exam. The maximum a CDL medical certificate can last is two years. One factors that can result in not getting the full 2 years, is high blood pressure. We strongly advise that you do not drink any caffeinated beverages before the exam, and make sure you are well rested. If a patient is already on medication for high blood pressure, they should make sure to take it.

• Hearing test. There are two types of hearing tests. The “Forced Whisper” or Audiometric. The Forced whisper is when the examiner forcefully whispers three numbers from at least 5 feet away. In the uncommon event that the driver fails this test, they will then be preforming an electric Audiometer testing (think of uncomfortable headphones).

• Lastly, the medical examiner will perform a physical exam.


• Once everything is completed, the medical examiner will make the determination (with the guidance of the FMCSA regulations) how long the certificate will be good for (2 yrs, 1 yr, 6 months, 3 months or failure).

• The patient receives their DOT Medical certificate / CDL Medical Card DOT 5876 and a copy of the DOT 5875 form.

If you ever have any questions our team is here to help.

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