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Tips for a Successful DOT Exam

A DOT Physical Exam is needed to obtain a medical certificate to ensure that you are healthy enough to be on the road. The following are some tips to help your visit go smoothly and get the most out of your DOT exam.

Do not drink coffee or highly caffeinated beverages before the exam

Caffeine causes an increase in your heart rate. This will lead to a higher bpm (beats per minute), as well as a higher blood pressure reading.


Get Adequate Sleep

It is inadvisable to come for an exam after staying up after a late-night or a graveyard shift. A lack of sleep can have a negative affect on your blood pressure.


Make sure you wear your glasses or contacts if applicable

This one is a bit obvious, but should be stressed. If you wear contacts or glasses, you do need them to pass the test.


We are not here to fail you. Stress is the number one factor in abnormal high blood pressure readings during an exam.


Do not have an exam while you are ill/sick

Any illness can naturally cause your body to have a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Best to schedule when you are feeling your best.


Stay away from sweetened beverages prior to your exam

Drinking drinks with a high sugar content can elevate glucose levels during the Urinalysis.

For those who don’t visit their Primary Physician regularly, a DOT Physical Exam can bring certain issues to your attention. If you have any questions with your results, you may want to inquire further regarding any concerns you may have.

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