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Diabetes Screening & Diabetes Management

Yes, a DOT medical exam can be passed with diabetes, as long as the diabetes is under control. As type two diabetes is primarily the result of prolonged life style choices, taking control of diabetes is actually much easier that most of us would anticipate. Making simple changes in your life style can help keep diabetes under control (Mayoclinic / ). The simple changes that help control type two diabetes, will often not only go a long way in helping control diabetes they will also actually help to cut back on fatigue and susceptibility to illness (Harvard Health,

Some of the simple and immediate changes a diabetic can make to help lower blood sugar are:

1. First and foremost, take your medication, regularly and as close to the same time every day as feasible.

  • Set up your medications weekly in a medication dispenser (available at most pharmacies and starting at 10 dollars)

  • Put your dispenser in an easily assessable location.

  • Set your phone alarm for what you feel will be the most convenient time to take your medications.

2. Exercise, this does not mean you must go to the gym and spend hours lifting weights, rather simply get up and move!

  • It’s as simple as starting with a twenty minute walk every day, a twenty-minute walk everyday actually helps to noticeably lower sugar levels (American Diabetes Association

  • Once you have begun a regular walk schedule every day you can push yourself to tolerate longer walks and increase your exercise schedule.

3. Adjust your diet to cut back on calories, saturated fats, trans fats sugar and salt. Sounds complicated it really is not, most truck stops and restaurants have sections listed as “healthy menus” which are usually a good choice. Try also to cut back on the amount of food you eat by simply cutting it by about 1/3 of what you usually eat.

  • At home try to eat more lean meats such as chicken and fish and limit your red meats and carbohydrate’s.

  • Toss out the processed food for snacks and bring nuts and vegetable snack packs as snacks (these are available in most grocery stores; truck stops and convenient stores)

  • Cut back on your sodas and caffeine and drink as much water as you can as an alternative.

  • Alcohol is exceptionally high in sugar if you usually drink two drinks try one instead!

  • For more information on health eating go to

4. Check your blood sugar regularly. Your glucose monitor will record it for your primary care physician whom you should visit at least twice a year.

For more tips on how you can keep on driving with diabetes go to our blog on What to do before you take your DOT exam


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