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Diabetes Management

One of the health screenings that are performed during a DOT Physical Exam is the presence of glucose (sugar) and protein in the urine. The presence of sugar in the urine is a strong indicator of diabetes. While having diabetes doesn’t automatically disqualify you, it does need to be addressed and managed. This is an important factor in the physical exam, as a driver with uncontrolled diabetes can have episodes of extreme swings to their blood sugar and cause them to lose consciousness while driving having fatal consequences.

At DOT Express, we understand this and have created a diabetes management program. Once it is documented that the driver is addressing this issue, a CDL medical card can be issued. Our diabetes management program includes medication (if indicated), diet recommendations, and exercise advice.

Unlike type I diabetes, type II can easily be treated, and even reversed at times by following prescribed treatment. Enrolling in the DOT Express diabetes management program is easy, and can be done during the physical exam. Once enrolled, there are quarterly check-ups that monitor your progress via a rapid HgA1c blood test, and make changes your medication regiment if needed.  

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