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Blood Pressure Management

 A blood pressure check is usually the first step in taking the DOT Physical Exam. The results of the blood pressure test is a large determining factor in whether the driver passes, gets a three month extension, passes for one year, or ideally, a two year CDL medical card. Having high blood pressure (which is common) or low blood pressure (less common) can have major health implications, and is thus a major component of the CDL medical examination. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack or stroke. Low blood pressure can cause major fatigue, so having blood pressure in the normal range is vital for drivers on the road.


At DOT Express, we give our patients ample time to get the best blood pressure reading possible. This includes retesting if the initial reading was not optimal, as well as tips for breath control and relaxation. However, there are times when this isn’t enough to get the blood pressure in the optimal range, which is why we have created the blood pressure management program.

At DOT Express, we have created a blood pressure program specifically for CDL license holders. Once treated, a driver can leave DOT Express with their proper examination results and will be under a treatment plan to get back on the road and a living a healthier way of life.


Blood pressure changes can usually be attributed to diet and exercise. In the case of genetics, being on the right medications can greatly improve the quality of life for many patients. Enrolling in the DOT Express blood pressure management program can be done during the exam; or on a separate visit. 

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